The Accelerated Pretrial Rehabilitation Program (“A.R.”) can be used by certain people charged with crimes or motor vehicle violations that are not serious, but for which there can be a sentence of imprisonment.  This program may not be used by people charged with certain felonies, those who have been convicted of crimes in the past, or those who are eligible for or used certain other programs like AR in the past, such as the Family Violence Education Program, or Drug Education Program.  Before being admitted into the AR program, a defendant must notify the victim (if there is a victim), and the victim can give the court his or her opinion about the defendant’s application to the AR program.

If the court grants the defendant’s AR application, the defendant is released to the custody of the Court Support Services Division (CSSD) to be supervised for up to two years.

If the defendant finishes the AR program successfully, the charges against the defendant are dismissed by the court.