Connecticut’s civil union statutes (C.G.S. Section 46b-38aa through 46b-38oo) were repealed effective October 1, 2010.  See Public Act 09-13, “An Act Implementing Guarantee of Equal Protection Under the Constitution of the United States”, implementing the decision of the Connecticut Supreme Court in Kerrigan vs. Commissioner of Public Health, 289 Conn. 135 (2008), providing for the recognition of marriages and relationships providing substantially the same rights, benefits and responsibilities entered into in another state or jurisdiction and providing for the merger of existing civil unions into marriages.

In the Kerrigan decision, the Connecticut Supreme Court concluded that:  “… in light of the history of pernicious discrimination faced by gay men and lesbians, and because the institution of marriage carries with it a status and significance that the newly created classification of civil unions does not embody, the segregation of heterosexual and homosexual couples into separate institutions constitutes a cognizable harm.”