We offer Consultations.  Weekends and Evenings by Appointment only.

Our fees are based on the nature of the services requested by any client; individual or business.

When the firm and client agree as to the fees to be charged and the services to be performed, a written retainer agreement is signed. In some cases, such as a real estate sale or purchase, an engagement letter detailing the fees to be charged and the services to be rendered is generated to the client.


  • Hourly rates
  • Contingent fees (a percentage of the gross settlement or judgement)
  • Fixed rate fee for one-time type services

COSTS are those out-of-pocket expenses expended in order to accomplish the agreed upon services. These may include:  filing fees, State Marshal services fees, Town Clerk recording fees, deposition transcript costs, expert witness fees and the like.  These costs are in addition to the fees charged for legal services.

RETAINERS are down payments usually required at the inception of any legal representation.  The amount of such retainers are discussed at the initial interview.

BILLING: In an hourly rate case, the client will receive a monthly statement detailing the retainer received, the date legal services were performed, a brief description of services performed, the hourly rate charged and the cost of the services detailed. In all other cases, the client will receive a final statement detailing the payments received, fees charged, costs incurred, authorized disbursements and any balance due.

REFUNDS: At the conclusion of all services required on a particular manner involving an hourly rate charge.  If the fees earned and costs incurred are less than the retainer paid, such balance shall be refunded.

CONSULTATIONS: A consultation is offered by our office.

LAWYER REFERRAL SERVICE:  The Hartford County Lawyer Referral Service may have referred you to one of our attorneys.  If this is the case, a $35.00 consultation fee (payable to the Hartford County Bar Association) will be due, for a 1/2 hour consultation.  Any additional time would be charged based on our firm’s hourly rate.  The $35.00 consultation fee is waived, for certain matters such as personal injury.

Please call us at (860) 872-3000 or (860) 871-8000 and ask to speak with an attorney, if you wish to discuss our services.